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Your presence at our wedding is the best gift we can hope to receive. However, if you would like to make a further gift then...

About places to stay

We’ve posted some nice places to stay. We’ve made block booking of 20 houses at Smygehus where we are getting married. This is probably the...

We’re getting married!

Welcome to our website about our wedding! Our wedding will take place in Smygehamn, the southernmost place of Sweden, on 28 May 2016. We hope that you’ll be...

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Where to stay


There are some airbnbs available in Smygehamn and other nearby villages, have a look here:–Sweden


Rustic accommodation in a pretty farmhouse turned holiday apartments. Fresh and lovely rooms, walking distance to the sea and in the next town after Smygehman....

Holiday apartments

Hedmans Pensionat

A lovely pension house (or type of bed & breakfast) a bit outside Smygehamn where you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the South...

Bed & Breakfast

Hotels in Trelleborg

Trelleborg is the largest city to our wedding location, Smygehamn and a great base for you to stay if you plan to visit the region during...


Bed & Breakfast Rosengården

This bed and breakfast has 16 rooms and is very close to the seaside. It’s 5 minutes by car or by bus from the wedding...

Bed & Breakfast

STF Vandrarhem Smygehuk –...

A lovely and cosy hostel by Smygehuk, which is the most South you can go in Sweden! Only some minutes from the wedding venue. This...


Idala Gård

A very cosy and typical South Swedish hotel not far from Trelleborg and Smygehus Havsbad. Visit their website here.


Smygehus Havsbad

Smygehus Havsbad is a great place by the sea and where we are getting married! It’s very close to Trelleborg and just by the southernmost point...